Mobile Car Detailing Maitland

Maitland Auto Detailing has always been much loved for the fact that it is a mobile car detailing service! See below for our range of detailing services.

A search for Car Cleaning Maitland can lead to you being bombarded with different packages and words like premium, value, essentials, standard, full, pre-sale – the list goes on! In our 10+ years of experience we have come to understand what most people need in a detail and have created two one-size fits most services to reflect this. Just simply – an exterior car detail and an interior car detail.

Check out the below services and feel free to contact us with any questions or to book in. We do have to charge slightly different prices for larger vehicles so don’t forget to use our Instant Quote Generator to get an idea of how much your detail will cost.

Mobile Car Detailing Services - Maitland Auto Detailing buffing the exterior paintwork of a black car

Exterior Car Detail

From $275

Our premium exterior detail is a very thorough detail including washing, decontaminating, machine polishing and protecting your paint. It removes light marks and increases gloss, making your vehicle feel silky smooth.

Shampooing a vehicle interior

Interior Car Detail

From $275

Our interior car detail leaves your vehicle feeling fresh, clean and like new again. Like the standard interior, it is a thorough clean of all surfaces; however, we go one step further to using compressed air to clean out all the “invisible” nooks and crannies like seat rails, vents, and behind interior door handles. The premium interior also includes shampooing of seats, carpets, and roof lining, as well as  cleaning and conditioning of leather surfaces. The service is finished off with application of UV protection on all plastics.


Leather Cleaned and Conditioned: $50

Have your leather interior cleaned and conditioned to restore colour and softness back to it

(NB. This is already included in the interior car detail)


Show Your Car Some Love

We offer a specialised range of exterior car detailing services so you can give your car paint the treatment it (and you) deserves!

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